Palmy Companion Card 

Trial Boundaries

The Palmy Companion Card trial is only available to people who live within the Palmerston North City Council boundaries. Please refer to this image to help identify if you are in the current trial area. This limitation exists as Palmerston North City Council have funded this trial.

We appreciate this limitation may be disappointing for some.  We encourage you to share your thoughts or suggestions through email to 
​​​​​​​ to help us with the review of the trial, and this information may help shape any decisions moving forward. We cannot guarantee the outcome of this trial in anyway, but appreciate your interest and feedback.

Not living in the trial area?

Although you cannot get apply for a card if you live outside the trial area, we are collecting data about those interested in the Companion Card.

​​​​​​​If this is you, please take 2 minutes and answer some simple questions to help us capture the interest in the wider region.